Dear Friends of At The Crossroads,

 I just want to say this event (the conference and tour) was a turning point in my life! Really it was!! Just to be in the city of our Great King Jesus! Such a great honor…” — C. From Egypt

What I have seen and what I have experienced here is 180 degrees opposite of everything I have ever heard and have been taught up until now, they lied to us.” — S. from Jordan

These were just a few of the quotes from the Delegates who attended to ATC Jerusalem 2018.

For all of us, it was both a strategic and encouraging time to be together, to worship, to pray, and to seek God for direction on how we can walk out the vision of the Highway here in the Middle East. New Initiatives were birthed and then as in previous years people from the Highway Nations, Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Cyprus were introduced to the vision and to other people living and serving around the Highway.

Thank you so much for your part in making this event a reality. In previous years we have always had some funds to start with in order to host/scholarship our delegates from around the region. This year we were totally dependent on the Lord from the beginning and so your part in fulfilling the hopes and dreams of those coming up for the conference was very significant.

Our bi-annual conference here in Jerusalem is specifically to introduce new people to the vision from around the Middle East. This year we were blessed to be able to host a number of younger leaders to the vision of the Highway.

A new group of the next generation of Turkish and Kurdish leaders from the Church in Turkey joined us and this was especially important as the situation in their country becomes more tenuous regarding the national mainly MBB church. One of our Core Team leaders from Turkey wrote:

“The believers here have lots of good things to say about the ATC this last week. In many ways, I feel like we finally reached our goal at least in gathering the kind of people we want for this conference. My hope has always been that we can bring a new crop to Jerusalem so that it blesses the broader church.”

We are also thankful that his year our Iraqi group arrived in time for the conference and subsequent tour which was no small miracle, in that their participation and entrance into the country is dependent on the signature of the Minister of Interior personally. One of the Iraqi delegates wrote:

I know it’s a difficult job to gather so many people from so many countries.  It was a blessing for me personally to be in this program and to walk where Jesus walked and to be on the physical highway of Isaiah 19.  Also, I want to thank all of the people who provided the funds for us to be at the conference and tour. The program is well-planned. The leadership did a great job of planning, organizing, and hosting.  They did everything to make us feel at home and comfortable in a new country.”

 The ‘At The Crossroads’ vision and movement, however, is not only about conferences. While these are important for the working out of the vision and the growth of the movement, we are committed to the vision of the Highway as a framework for practical initiatives around the Middle East. Please stay in touch with us by subscribing to our newsletter for updates and to follow how you can partner with us here in the Middle East to bless the nations.

 Thank you again for your generous support of ATC 2018!

 The ATC Leadership Team

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  1. Hannah

    Happy to hear the conference went well. It would be really amazing if any recordings of talks from the conference could be shared. The talks from a few years ago really encouraged me and helped me understand more about reconciliation and the Isaiah highway etc and I am always waiting for more resources like this to help in my own context.


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