Screen capture from the film "A cry for salvation - The Yezidi's tragedy."

Screen capture from the film “A cry for salvation – The Yezidi’s tragedy.”

In April 2015 the Yezidi people located in the refugee camp of Diyarbakir, Turkey, asked the Diyarbakir Protestant Church to help them to make their voice heard since they are not getting much help from the national government. Before suffering 74 genocides this Kurdish (Kurmaji) speaking group used to be 8 million people in Iraq and Syria. Today they are not more than 700,000.

It is haunting how the images look almost exactly the images of the Armenian Genocide and of the Holocaust and related atrocities during World War II. We say never again, but are we committed to fighting that such things never happen again?

This video was made by an At the Crossroads partner. Please, help us to make their cry heard in the ears of those who respect the Human Rights and save them from extinction.

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