About 30 ISIS fighters disguised as Kurdish security slipped into Kobane, Syria, early Thursday and killed civilians, the Washington Post reported.

CNN reported that the attackers were not only wearing Kurdish security uniforms but were calling people out of homes in Kurdish.

We received panicked messages Thursday from At the Crossroads partners who had just returned to Kobane. In one message, G. said “We are staying home now. We can’t go out. We can hear the sounds of bombs and [gun]fire. It’s war.”

CNN reports: “In the Kurdish village of Barkh Butan near Kobane, ISIS militants killed at least 20 people, including some who were ‘executed,’ according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Activists say ISIS has detonated up to three car bombs near the Syrian Turkish border.”

Al-Arabiya reported that women and children were among those executed. Car bombs in Kobane killed 15 and wounded at least 70.

“The Kurdish group YPG asked civilians to stay home as it sent reinforcements,” Al Jazeera reported.

“By nightfall,” the Washington Post reported, “most of the militants had been captures, killed or surrounded, and Kurdish forces were reported to be restoring order.”

G. reported to us late Thursday night that things had calmed down and their group hoped to escape the city in the dark. They asked for prayers.

Also pray for Canon Andrew White, who will be reaching out to his government contacts to intercede for those in danger in northern Syria.


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