The provinces of northern Iraq.

Thank you to all of you who have responded and asked how you could practically get involved in helping with the refugee crisis in northern Iraq.

We are in contact daily with various groups in northern Iraq assessing the situation from here but still considering a possible trip, to encourage the local leadership, assess the situation on the ground and bring financial aid from Christians around the world and the Israeli Messianic community. Pray for His timing and wisdom in all this.

For now, we encourage those who want to give to do so via Caleb Company in the U.S., and then we will transfer those funds on to different organizations with which we are partnering on the ground in northern Iraq. Some of those include

To donate online or by check go to and in ‘Comments’ section write N. Iraq Refugee Aid. We will make sure all the funds are passed on to the work among the refugees in northern Iraq.

News reports

CBN journalist Chris Mitchell traveled to Erbil in northern Iraq on Saturday and put together a report that is worth viewing on the CBN website.

Chris Mitchell reports from Erbil, northern Iraq.

Chris Mitchell reports from Erbil, northern Iraq. Click image to read and watch his report

Here’s an article that appeared in the Jerusalem Post and includes quotes from Mordechai Zaken, an Israeli expert of minorities in the Middle East and a good friend and advocate of the At the Crossroads Initiative: “Yazidi writer: ‘Defend us from the massacres’“.

Again, thanks for your prayers and gifts. May they arise as memorial before God (Acts 10:4).

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